Anyone wondering where I’ve gone, thanks for still occasionally looking at this space! I genuinely appreciate it. I’m a story teller at heart, and then an explainer next. Man-splaining, I’ve been accused of. That may even be true, as I am a man and occasionally explain things. I digress. Without something to explain or a story to tell, I’m kind of quiet. Which means this blog (and the blog that accompanies my web-comic) is often blank for periods of time that are too damn long.

I’m a language guy, too. Sometime in the last year, I learned to speak Chinese. 我觉得汉语很有意思。I’m not sure when or how that happened. I just remember it being really hard.

I’ve got a couple of gigs I love right now, and they both involve fiction magazines. I copyedit for John J. Adams at Nightmare, where I had to memorize the spelling of chtulhu cthuchu Cthulhu and I’ve been hired as an acquisitions editor at White Cat Publications, where I try to buy awesome fantasy stories.

I’m grinding away at my very last semester of undergraduate college, and that’s terrifying—thanks for asking.

I’m going to go write. Sometime in the next few days, I plan to produce an essay on the word fuck, which I will then post here.


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