Career Stuffs


Oy, it’s been a busy summer.

I’ve just finished a script for Ramen Empire’s first story arc. I didn’t plan on doing this for a while, but Zach, the artist, decided to try for class credit with Ramen Empire. His teacher told him that not having a script wouldn’t be an excuse to not deliver. I pumped it out in a day, and am now looking over it wondering how the heck to fix the poor misshapen thing.

I’m now a proofreader over at Nightmare Magazine, which makes me happy beyond all measure.

I’m also hunting for Grad Schools. Either here in the US or overseas in Taiwan or China.

A lot of my efforts have gone into trying to promote the web comic. Bey0nd Facebook and Reddit posts, I’ve got a few ideas–but they all involve money, and that’s the worst.


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