Looking for blogs


I want to build a little web between my blog and others. The adage claims that I’m known by the company I keep, so I’m going to be fairly picky about which blogs I link to.

Do you write about something that other people are afraid to think about? Are you rough around the edges? I want to read your stuff and link to you.

I encountered a wonderful blog here on wordpress, for instance, called “Confessions of a Forum Troll,” which is about identity politics. The owner and I have a forum in common, and I’m not sure if we get along, yet, but I like what I’ve been reading from her.

And please don’t ask me how this relates to fiction. It does. Characters are based on real people, and the best fiction is based on something real.


One thought on “Looking for blogs

  1. defcon

    How does this relate to fiction? (just kidding)

    I haz a blog: http://defconcanwrite.blogspot.com/

    I don’t know if I push any boundaries but I do like to debate – or you know, show why others are wrong. But I also like to share stuff that I find interesting. Though lately, I’ve been reviewing stuff because it’s easy to blog about, haha.

    And I’m in the same boat, attempting to network since the group blog I was part of died. So I guess have a look at it and if it suits your tastes, maybe link up?

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