Train Derailment (Free MOD Flash Fiction)


Enjoy a free flash fiction in one of the Machine of Death‘s many parallel universes.


Train Derailment

by Bartholomew Klick

The train arced in a wide parabola through the sky toward my little Saharan cabin. The missiles on each side of it were strapped in place with thick, metal cables. A black cloud bled into the air, pouring from the engine’s smoke stack.

I didn’t bother trying to run. I didn’t care that I was about to die. I just wondered, right until the impact, who the hell had launched a train at me.


Inspired by the Machine of Death II’s submission guidelines. Specifically, this passage.

Obsessed with Living Forever: A person gets their death prediction and then spends the rest of their life ensuring that they will never come in contact with whatever is supposed to kill them. (Only to be killed anyway in the end — usually ironically.) Our verdict: People might make small lifestyle changes in response to their predictions, but the guy who moves to the middle of the Sahara to escape “TRAIN DERAILMENT” would only exist if your story is a fairy tale or a parable.


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