Is writing a job or a hobby?


Good news: I’m not on a morphine drip anymore!

Getting back into my writing groove has been a challenge, though. Even though all of my income currently comes from writing and editing, it’s very hard to convince my friends and family that I’m doing something other than playing when the laptop is out. Even re-establishing a space where the writing happens is difficult. A million little distractions want my attention. My mother thinks I should do “real work” and move crates in her husbands liquor store. I need to find a new apartment. My friends all have some issue that’s way more urgent than my writing, because by their reasoning, I can write any old time.

I wonder if every writer has to go through this. And not just go through it, but go through it every time some significant event shakes up their lives.

No, you can’t just write “whenever.” Human behavior is  very much about habit. Lose the habit to read and write every day, and you very shortly lose the ability. An attention span capable of producing 10,000 words in a day is acquired, not found. I could write “whenever” if all I had to worry about was this blog, I suppose. But writing for the newspaper demands that my time be free when my sources are free. Editing a novel demands wholesale chunks of a day, every day. And writing my own novel requires an almost meditative calm. It’s not something I can do in 20 minute time spans between Hardee’s and the laundromat.



3 thoughts on “Is writing a job or a hobby?

  1. I’m off the morphine drip , too. And the anti-depressants*. Wish it made more difference. I spend far more time in semi-collapsed brain fog than I do writing. It makes me want to, yes, chew the meat from my arms and spit it at the keyboard. I’m grinding my teeth into dust. Just give me one good day a week and I will write. I will effing write!

    *Possibly this is not a *good* thing.

    (Had to get this off my chest – your poem made me feel I was in empathetic company)

    (I’m TiredWoman on Cracked, by the way – and have a blog at that I *am* going to update today, somehow , someway)

      • I have a bunch of joint problems, including a missing lumbar disk, carpel tunnel and a degenerative nerve disorder. I take morphine when I have to – luckily not these days. The drip was actually for a MERSA in my thumb which kept me in the hospital for 3 weeks… Yikes!

        I’m actually pretty hopeful as it appears that the brain fog and lethargia might be thyroid, hence treatable. Just found that out. Hallelujah!

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